Below find PDF's and other materials for projects we have proposed, but have yet to do.

Tower by Committee

For the Collaborative gallery, run by the Arts Council for Long Beach, we proposed to stage an event in which members of the community would direct us in the construction of a wooden monument, for the consummate public art project.

Libera Lernejo!

For New Life Copenhagen 2099 an event coinciding with the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December 2009, the Wooloo organization invited artists to submit proposals "for products, life styles and everyday interventions, as they could look and function in the year 2099." We proposed to do an intervention that would bring about a better world by 2099 – a free school offering lessons in the language and cultural artifacts of the utopian-flavored "universal language" of Esperanto.

Sister Cities

For the ID#5 exhibition, centered around the towns of Calaf and Manressa, Spain, we proposed to conjoin San Pedro and Long Beach, where we lived, respectively, at the time, and declare San Pedro/Long Beach as a "sister city" of Calaf/Manressa, and attend the exhibition as "artists-ambassadors-tourists." To view the proposal, please download the PDF below.

Sister Cities Proposal ETC.pdf