Not at the Dinner Table

For this participatory project, people are invited to call a number and leave an anonymous voicemail message addressed to someone important in their lives about an issue they disagree on, saying what they usually stop themselves from saying in order to keep the peace. A rotating selection of the voice mail messages is available to listen to when the project is active. Originally created for 323 Projects in 2013, and covered by Carolina Miranda for a KCRW "All Things Considered" story. We have subsequently re-presented the project ourselves, in November and December of 2015, '16, and '17. In 2016 Carolina Miranda once again covered Not at the Dinner Table in a Los Angeles Times story and CBC radio did a segment availble to listen to here. In 2017 Taia Handlin wrote about the project for the website BTRtoday.

Not at the Dinner Table – guns

A compliation of three different messages left on the same subject.