Chefs d'Oeuvre

For the "NOW" show at the Expo Arts Center in Long Beach (the site of Grand), we polled friends on the best snack/nosh/finger food they have ever had at an opening reception, and from the answers we culled four tasty morsels. Along with offering those morsels at the opening reception, we presented a video of their creation, which remained with the serving station for the run of the show. Tracy C. Teran has more to say about the piece in her essay.

Chefs d'Oeuvre documentation

The video documents our opening reception performance, with excerpts of the 26 minute looping video that was located by the serving station and remained for the run of the show. That video showed the step-by-step preparation of each of the four food items we served. All photos of the performance are by Brea Patterson, except where noted. Music: Morton Feldman.

Photo by Chris Hoff