“Open Document” at D-Block Projects

The curatorial framework for this show, presented at D-Block Projects in Long Beach, was that the invited artists would self-select the work and collectively make all the exhibition and publicity arrangements, while the show organizer would document the whole process on photo and video and make that documentation available to the public. We participated in the planning meeting, open to the public, then conducted arrangements with the other artists until the opening reception. We contributed two pieces – Commentary, a live performance and subsequent installation, and Ghosting, an intervention into the exhibition documentation and the exhibition proceedings at large. "Open Document" at the D-Block site. 

"You ask JEFF&GORDON to teach you how to travel safely through parallel universes" -- Jenny Yurshansky

For her contribution to Open Document, Jenny Yurshansky made a "choose your own adventure" book (and accompanying installation) in which she incorporated JEFF&GORDON (or her subjective, or idealized version) as a character(s).

The PDF of the book is here. Choose the PRESENT! "... you notice a subtle change in Gordon, with Jeff around, he seems a little more relaxed and less edgy. And his energy is back to his former level of excitement. You’re glad you thought to invite Jeff."

Open Document planning meeting photos

In between eating fried chicken, we snapped some pics at the Open Document planning meeting.

Open Document planning meeting videos

For the introductory meeting at D-Block, open to the public during the Long Beach Artwalk, we took turns videotaping each other. We also each brought an order of fried chicken. The coleslaw that came with Jeff's order was a big hit.

Go here for other vids, showing us talking about "transparency," building a stage, singing, and haunting the show.