For our first solo show, we made work that explored the increasingly blurred boundary between the public and the private that the site of the exhibition (a gallery situated in a residential property) represented. With Running With Scissors, we made a portrait of the social network surrounding HAUS by shooting a mock "real estate walk through video" in the homes of friends and associates of the gallery, into which we inserted ourselves as a playfully disruptive presence. For My Party Pics, we invited actors into the gallery and asked them to perform the ritualized gestures regularly seen in photos on social networking sites, and we subsequently displayed the images of those gestures in the gallery using the nostalgic format of slide projection. In the hallway connecting those two installations we presented the liminal Bonus Feature, a performative "commentary track" for a theoretical film that functioned as a commentary on the show itself. Exhibition website.

HAUS show images
Running with Scissors Running with Scissors My Party Pics My Party Pics Bonus Feature Bonus Feature