"Chain Letter" at Shoshana Wayne Gallery

Who can fail to remember "artmageddon"? Yet some people might not remember that immediately after "chain letter" emails started flying around, people started sending the follow up email saying that the show would be postponed a week because of the 405 closure. We responded with our own "roadside descanso," which was singled out for notice among 1600 pieces by the author of the art21 blog. We also wore t-shirts we commissioned from Carleton Christy, who cleaned up in sales at the opening. Bottom line – it was fun!

"Chain Letter" video

We used the occasion to test out a GoPro camera for possible use for our "Play Against" show, with some help from our friend Carolyn Lavender. Visible are Carleton Christy at his t-shirt concession and, among the 1600 pieces at the show, our contribution, Remember Protest.

"Chain Letter" pics

Taken during the install and the opening.

Carleton Christy cleaned up selling the t-shirts we asked him to make for us.