"Day Job" at Monte Vista, July 19th - August 10th

If the Lumière Brothers' "Workers Leaving the Factory" is synonymous with both the birth of film and the 20th century, then the 21st century, internet-based version might be called "Workers Always at the Factory" – a paradigm reflected and embodied in this new work by Jeff Foye and Gordon Winiemko. JEFF&GORDON: DAY JOB is a split-screen video (or video diptych) that collapses a day in the life of the two artists – during which they are always in some state of labor, or engagement with labor – into a monolithic 8-hour running time that coincides with the workday that laborers once fought and died for. The 8-hour running time implies a laborious commitment from the viewer but also deliberately undermines the expectation to take in “the whole thing.” JEFF&GORDON: DAY JOB is a time-based work that transcends the boundaries of time, the way our labor now transcends boundaries under the “empire” of late capitalism. At the same time, this transformation of time given over to labor into an object of aesthetic contemplation begs the question, how might we transform our labor?

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 19th, 12pm - 8pm (special hours).
Coffee and tea will be served 2pm - 5pm.
Regular viewing hours: Saturdays and Sundays, 12pm - 5pm, and by appointment.
Location: Monte Vista 5442 Monte Vista Street, Los Angeles, CA